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Chad Thompson


Dr. Chad Thompson graduated with honours from New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) in 2004. Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic had been his goal for as long as he can recall. Dr. Chad became a chiropractic patient early in life due to a variety of sports injuries that would have otherwise kept him sidelined. The results were so impressive he decided early on that helping others achieve their optimal health through chiropractic care, would be his passion.

Dr. Chad grew up in Simcoe County and has been practicing in the Barrie area since graduation. He has built a successful practice that is inclusive of all patient demographics.   He is comfortable working along with people of all ages (pediatric,children, adults and geriatrics), as well as elite athletes, non-athletes, and those involved in motor vehicle or workplace injuries. Dr. Chad has an excellent reputation within the community for his ability to select the best form of care for a variety of injuries and conditions in order to help his patients achieve their health and performance goals.

Dr. Chad has spent many years studying various techniques available to address the many conditions that can present within his office, and as such carries many certifications that set him apart from his peers. He strongly believes that when a patient is able to feel comfortable with the technique being used in their care, the results are more favourable. For this reason he offers choice on how the plan of care will proceed; which can include Spinal Manipulation (Diversified,Thompson, Activator Methods, Flexion Distraction, SOT, etc.), Soft Tissue Techniques (Graston, Active Release Therapy, trigger point therapy, cupping techniques, etc.) Acupuncture, Custom Orthotic Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy or any combination of the above. Radiological studies (X-rays) are only used when Dr. Chad feels they are warranted and/or they are in the best interest of the patient.

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